Product Development

Illinois Tool Works (ITW)

Human Factor Intern, May-August, 2012

ITWI was in-charge of 3 different projects. For the first project, I developed an information dashboard for improved user interface for the latest welding technology for Miller Electric. I developed the new interface right from the scratch with inputs from user research and past customer feedback. The next step involved innovation cycles of multiple iterations which included prototyping and wire-framing the design in Balsamiq. The end result was a proven competition beater prodmiller_electricuct which was rolled out in the next quarter by the company.

For the second project, I designed a learning software interface for a copyrighted application for Miller Welding to be used for the purpose of welder training. The design project involved user testing and heuristic evaluation before final packaging of the interface.

For my last project I optimized an interaction platform for a database application for Instron and RainX. The improvements involved reduced usage time, less interrupted display and faster checkout by the user.